I am a single, white, heterosexual, atheist, capitalist, individualist, gun rights-supporting male, born in the south and now living in a "fly-over state", who thinks that ideas can be judged true or false, standards are important, words have accurate meanings, an open mind and an active mind are very different things, and that critical thinking skills are both absolutely essential and almost completely absent in our society. As such, I am probably one of the most reviled, maligned, ridiculed, denounced, dismissed, mocked, condemned, discriminated against, and demonized critters in the country.

I'm an analyst/synthesist. I learn as much as possible about as much as I can, identify relationships and patterns, and identify consequences and actions.

I am here to taunt you. And to meet girls. Yay, blog groupies.

If you need a name, call me Render. The triple meaning amuses me.


Books, music, physics, Qing dynasty jade, single-malt scotch, the occasional cigar, and the psychological challenge of poker.